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An antiviral commonly used to treat smallpox can shorten the duration of monkeypox illness, as can a Study Posted on Tuesday by lancet infectious diseasePossibly opening a new way to limit the ongoing international monkeypox outbreak.

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Study All seven patients diagnosed with monkeypox in the UK between August 2018 and September 2021 were analyzed and conducted by researchers from Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and other institutions.

The study found that the only patient taking the smallpox antiviral tecovirimat spent only 10 days in the hospital with monkeypox, about 15 days less than the average for the series of patients overall.

However, the study’s authors said they could not draw hard and fast conclusions due to their small sample size, and recommended further research into tecovirimat and other potential smallpox treatments.

The US holds 1.7 million doses of tecovirimat in its Strategic National Stockpile, pharmaceutical manufacturer SIGA Technologies. announced In 2021, that could be a major asset to the monkeypox response if the drug’s effectiveness is confirmed by additional research.

Three patients in the study who took brincidofovir, a smallpox antiviral – such as tecovirimat – have been shown to be effective against monkeypox in animals, but brincidofovir showed no effect against monkeypox in those patients, and was consistently associated with impaired liver function. was, the researchers said.