‘Son, get a lawyer. That woman is going to take away your inheritance!’ The most popular Moneyist columns of 2021

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We’ve made it through another tough year. Congratulations. it was not easy.

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Some Americans were stuck at home with partners and family, iPhones counting their steps on the AAPL,
And wondering what happened to those online yoga and fitness classes. While others were alone, worried about their next paycheck.

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This column reflects those struggles: inflation, rising home prices, uncertainty around a highly volatile stock market, a politically polarized family, a privileged question about a credit-card bill, a $30,000 bracelet.

The subject matter begs the question: Is Moneyist a financial column about relationships – or a relationship column about money? Looking at the most popular papers of 2021, an argument can be made that it is both.

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,Is Moneyist a financial column about relationships – or a relationship column about money?,

In 2020, there were hundreds of questions regarding incentive checks. In 2021, during the second year of the pandemic, people expressed “compassion fatigue” and their frustration about vaccination requirements.

One man wrote of his parents: “They refused to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Even losing our uncle to COVID did nothing to convince him. They’ve even said they’ll quit their jobs and lose everything instead of getting vaccinated!”

But the most popular papers of the year were “traditional” ethical dilemmas including how to split house bills, the dangers of inheritance when a stepparent is involved, and how much money you should leave aside to children.

Here are the 10 most popular letters of 2021:

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• ‘Our friends always longed for a relationship like ours’: My husband of 16 years left me for another man. I don’t want them to stay in our properties. what can i do?
• ‘She trusts me’: My sister offered to pay my credit-card bill. I will repay it in the next 4 years. Am I taking advantage of our relationship?
• ‘He is the most computer-uneducated person I know’: I was my husband’s research analyst, caregiver, cook and housekeeper. Now he wants a divorce after 38 years.


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