Aaron Mostofsky—a Brooklyn judge’s son who was photographed dressed like a caveman in fur pelts inside the Capitol on January 6 and carrying stolen riot gear—was sentenced to eight months in prison on Friday, adding to a growing list of rioters who have been sentenced for their role in the breach of the Capitol.

Key Facts

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The sentencing comes three months after Mostofsky, who prosecutors said was one of the first rioters to storm the Capitol wearing a bulletproof vest he stole from Capitol Police over a fur pelt, pleaded guilty to a felony civil disorder charge for his role in the January 6 riot.

US District Judge James Boasberg told Mostofsky—who is the son of Kings County Supreme Court Judge Steven Mostofsky—it seemed he was acting out “a fantasy game” by dressing up like a caveman, which Mostofsky has said he did to make the point that fraud in the 2020 presidential election was “so obvious, even a caveman would know the election was stolen,” according to the Justice Department.

Mostofsky expressed remorse for his participation in the riot during the sentencing, saying he felt sorry for Capitol Police who had to deal with “chaos.”

Both Mostofsky and his father are registered Democrats, according to New York State election records, the New York Times previously reported,