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The South Dakota Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled against the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state, providing a victory for Gov. Christie Noem (R) who fought to overturn an amendment passed by more than half of voters in November, 2020 to legalize entertainment, drug use amid growing support for legalization in the political aisle.

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high Court Governance Amendment to the state constitution violates The state’s single-subject rule, which allows ballot measures to deal with only one subject at a time, says the amendment covers at least three separate subjects.

Following a November 2020 vote – where 54% of voters approved legalizing pot for recreational use, medical marijuana and cannabis cultivation – Noem issued an executive order calling on Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom of South Dakota and the Highway Patrol. Superintendent Colonel Rick Miller was directed to file a challenging suit. Measure.

South Dakota was one of four GOP-leaning states, including Arizona, Mississippi and Montana, that voted to legalize pot in November last year — though Mississippi has halted the initiative.

Last week, Rep. Nancy Mays (RSC) introduced a bill to decriminalize pot at a federal level, echoing liberal Charles Koch’s support for Americans for Prosperity, calling for increased support for pot across the aisle. indicated a trend.


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