Spain-based ifeel bags €10M to help companies manage employees’ mental health | silicone canals

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Madrid-based ifeel, an emotional wellness platform for companies, announced on Tuesday that it has secured €10M in a Series A round of funding led by UNIQA Ventures.

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Nauta Capital and other investors also participated in the round.

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Ifill says it will use the funds to expand its business into new markets, introduce new products and enhance sales capabilities. To date, the Spanish company has raised €18M in funding.

Ifeel: What you need to know

Established in 2017, ifeel is an emotional wellness service for companies and employees.

“Health requires a balance between what is going on at and outside of work. For us, there is no strict division between professional and personal life; everything is personal. We strongly believe that work is ours. Taking care of well-being should not be a hindrance. Quite the contrary: it should be a place where we are healthy and can flourish at different levels. From this point on, we aim to encourage companies to inculcate this mindset in their corporate culture. is to help integrate,” says Amir Kaplan, CEO of Eiffel.

The company aims to bridge the much-needed gap in the market as employers seek to address the emotional well-being of their employees through their web or app, available on iOS and Android.

The platform has combined data analytics and clinical research by psychologists to provide employees with a new way to manage their emotional well-being, from self-care to therapy sessions.

ifeel enables individuals to access a variety of resources based on their needs and interests: articles on health-related topics, emotion diaries, audio guides, and tools to facilitate relaxation or meditation.

Additionally, they can also speak directly to professional psychologists or start an online therapy session through the service.

Recently, ifeel paired monthly check-ups with Ryff’s Emotional Well-Being Index, developed in collaboration with University of Wisconsin-Madison professor Carol Ryff.

The questionnaire, based on Raiff’s psychological well-being scale, uses 18 questions to measure people’s emotional health.

The results are a way for individuals to see how their emotional health develops from month to month and use them in discussions with their psychologist, if they wish.

With over 800,000 users and 600 therapists, the company offers coverage in 23 countries and 21 languages.

In addition, the platform offers corporations an annual emotional support plan, combining prevention, monitoring, and individualized practice with a specialized therapist.

The service provides human resource managers with information on employee psychological well-being and is used by AXA Partners, SCOR SE, Glovo, Travelpark, Gympass, ThoughtWorks, Gonzalez Bias.

Former FC Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta is the brand ambassador of IFEL.

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