Stacking Kroger Weekly Ads, Digital Coupons, and Credit Card Offers

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I’ve shifted my household grocery spending to Costco over the past decade because they’re ideal for gas, dog food and wine, and other low-margin Kirkland Store brand items. Sadly (and by its own design), Costco doesn’t have everything. In fact, they brag about a limited number of products (“4,000 SKUs compared to the 30,000 SKUs found in most supermarkets”). For those other 26,000 SKUs, we still frequent Trader Joe’s, Kroger and occasionally ALDI. Of these popular grocery store chains, Kroger is getting an increasing share of our grocery spending for 5 reasons:

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They have a lot of SKUs They have a lot of high-quality, good-value generic products (and sales often run on those products) They have a great produce section We have a few locations, which makes it easy to stop by while they work they don’t have membership fees like BJ’s, Costco, or Sam’s Club (there are ways to shop at Costco without a membership and to shop at Sam’s Club without a membership but they aren’t always the most convenient) – then yet they still offer tons of coupons and discounts

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So, naturally, I’ve looked for ways to maximize my grocery spending efficiency at Kroger. And, I’ll highlight several Kroger ads, digital coupons, promotions, and credit card offers that you can potentially stack together:

Let’s learn about each and how they work.

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1. Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card and Weekly Ad Offers

The Kroger Plus Shopper Card — the free membership rewards program that Kroger has had for decades — is the starting point for all Kroger shoppers. You can get a card in store or simply create an account at where you can link your membership card with your phone number so you can simply enter your phone number at checkout and the discount will automatically apply. will apply to your purchase.

Kroger generic brand items are usually very competitively priced compared to other grocery chains, and many of them are further discounted each week for Kroger Plus members. Where you can take it to the next level is by checking out the Kroger weekly advertising flyer to find out what the week’s best deals are before shopping and stocking up where appropriate.

Kroger Plus Card

2. Kroger Digital Coupons and Promotions

Taking things a step further with Kroger Plus, Kroger offers online “digital coupons” that you can “clip” to add to your account. You must first create an account on in order to access these coupons and link them to your account (phone number). Then, the digital coupons you clip are automatically applied in store or online at checkout (automatically online or in store via your phone number). You can also download the Kroger app and clip digital coupons in the app when you find them on items you like in the store. Some of these coupons offer additional discounts on top of the Kroger Plus sale, and some can be really good – $0.19/lb, for example. (vs. the usual $0.99/lb.) for sweet potatoes. I loaded

kroger digital coupons

Kroger lists other digital and store promotions here, including mostly top digital coupons, but also other online and store promotions.

3. Kroger Pickup, Delivery, and Minimum Cart Size Digital Coupons

Even within the ‘Digital Coupons’ section of the Kroger site, on top of the item-specific coupons, I see significant order-specific coupons. On my first pickup order I was able to combine both the $15 off digital coupon for pickup and the $10 off digital coupon for purchases over $75 in cart size. These discounts can be placed on top of all other sales and coupons.

kroger pickup delivery coupons

4. Kroger Cash Back Rewards Program

There’s also Kroger cash back rewards linked to your Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card account. Items eligible for cash back rewards differ from digital coupons, but they can also be clipped online and later cashed out through your card for in-store credit or through PayPal. In my experience the selection here is less robust than in the digital coupons section, and the focus is heavily on alcoholic beverages.

5. Manufacturer’s Coupons at Kroger

Kroger takes manufacturer’s coupons and their policies on them are pretty lax. These coupons can stack on top of the other offers highlighted here, however, they are exclusive to Internet and other printed coupons (usually from newspapers/mail) and are for name brand items – which are still generic Kroger brands. Item may be more expensive than expected, even after coupon. For the time being, these types of coupons can only be redeemed in-store (or handed over to an associate to apply to pickup orders) , so you won’t be able to use them on delivery orders. Often times, you’ll actually be able to find manufacturer’s coupons in the aisles of Kroger, which can be used immediately at checkout.

6. Kroger Credit Card Offers from AmEx, Chase, Citi, and more.

There have been some significant Kroger credit card offers lately that are on top of standard Kroger sales, rebates, digital item-specific coupons, and order-specific coupons. Here’s one I recently found on my ‘Amex offer’ for my Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express to get $25 back on online orders over $50:

mx kroger credit card offer

Note in this case that your remaining cart balance must be $50+ after all other promotions have been applied.

Other MX Kroger offers recently available include:

Get 20% back as a statement credit by using your enrolled eligible card to shop online at Kroger, online at or through the Kroger mobile app by 1/31/2023. Limit $20 in total statement credits back. Spend $40 at Kroger stores and get a $20 statement credit. Offer can be used up to 3 times.

I get 3 or 4 such offers per year. They generally appear more frequently on American Express cards, versus Citi, Chase or Bank of America.

7. Kroger Grocery Rewards Card Cash Back

There’s the Kroger Rewards World Elite MasterCard and the Kroger Rewards Debit Card, which each have some nice perks like bonus Kroger Fuel Points, however, so this won’t be my go-to credit card for purchases at Kroger or other grocery stores. That go-to would be the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express. Among many other perks and a generous welcome bonus offer, it offers 6% cash back (then 1%) on purchases up to $6,000 per year at US supermarkets, including Kroger. That makes it my pick for the best grocery rewards credit card — and that 6% cash back is on top of everything else I’ve highlighted in this article. It can also be used on physical gift cards in store.

You can find out more about this card and apply here.

I’ve also given the Blue Cash Preferred review as well as the Blue Cash Everyday review, which is the Preferred’s less generous, but zero annual fee, sister card.

kroger credit card

8. Kroger Pharmacy Coupons for Groceries

Kroger Pharmacy is underpriced (much faster and cheaper than CVS or Walgreen’s in my experience), and they occasionally run promotions that provide coupons for groceries. I’ve looked at the following resolutions over the past year that can be stacked on top of the other resolutions highlighted in this article:

$25 off grocery orders when you transfer a prescription from another pharmacy $5 off grocery orders when you get a flu shot (If you have insurance with preventive benefits, you can get free flu shots at Kroger with- 9. In Action: Stacking Kroger Discounts Results

All these coupons, discounts and credit card offers can make Kroger a compelling option for deal seekers. As just a low-effort example on a recent order, I was able to bring down a $95.70 order to $59.78 before the credit card offer:

kroger coupon stacking discount

I was also able to apply the $25 AmEx offer on top of this (since my order was over $50 even after the discount), bringing my total to $34.78. And using the Blue Cash Preferred card with 6% cash back, $95.70 in groceries ended up being only $32.69, or about a third of the already low cost, since I mostly only buy generic Kroger store brand items. I say “low effort” because I wasn’t focusing strictly on loading up on the best deals (e.g. only digital coupon offers with deep discounts) and I didn’t have any manufacturer’s coupons, but I do. Could, and it’s easy to see how one could actually squeeze some resolution even further.

10. “Double Play” at Kroger

Taking all of the above, a couple can easily double-up on order-specific coupons as well as credit card offers, provided each person has their own Kroger Plus account and personal credit card with an eligible Kroger offer. Are. Let’s call this the “Kroger Double Play”.

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