StellarFi Review: Build Credit by Paying Your Bills on Time

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Raise your hand if the financial credit scoring system confuses you. Experts recommend paying your bills on time and keeping debt low, but if you really have no credit reporting your history to credit bureaus, you may still have trouble if you don’t have credit cards. Trying to open or receive. car loan. StellarFi is a public benefit corporation working to improve people’s access to credit.

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The company reports regular bills to credit reporting agencies, so you can build credit by paying your gym, cell phone or even streaming services on time.

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If you’ve struggled with getting approved for credit or had issues in the past, StellarFi may be an option for you to consider to help you along your credit journey.

StellarFi LogoStellarFi reports bills like utilities and rent to all three major credit bureaus, they do not pay these bills until you have money in your account. You will receive automatic and personalized credit education

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Light: $500 . until

Prime: Up to $25,000

Lite: $4.99

Prime: $9.99

What is StellarFi?

StellarFi is a public benefit corporation that helps you build credit through any type of bills you pay regularly. To help you establish and grow credit, StellarFi takes a holistic, long-term approach. They also aim to increase access to credit among marginalized groups.

Unlike some bad actors in the credit repair space, Stellarfi hasn’t been using cheap tricks to boost credits for a few weeks now. Instead, the company addresses the core issues that prevent creditworthy people from accessing credit. It also helps people with historical credit problems repair and maintain their loans.

StellarFi Review: Building CreditsWhat does it offer?

StellarFi’s flagship product allows you to convert regular bills into payments to report to the credit bureaus. These bills may include:

RentphoneStreaming ServicesUtilities

By reporting everyday bills to the credit bureaus, you will start to see an increase in your credit history. Remember, StellarFi does not offer quick fixes, but it can help you grow your credit history over time.

Bills are automatically debited from checking account

When you open an account with StellarFi, you are issued a new “Digital Card”. The card can be used as a mode of payment for any bill you pay online.

Once you have the card, you can link your existing bills to your StellarFi account. Then, StellarFi will pay your bills through your account, instantly debiting the amount from your linked checking account. That way, you’ll never overdraft or forget about the bill.

Credit reporting to the major credit bureaus

Any bills you pay through your StellarFi account will be reported to all three major credit reporting bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

By reporting your payments, you will begin to build a positive credit history. Over time, strong credit behavior can help increase your credit score.

Option to reach out to a credit counselor

If you opt for the company’s more expensive offering, StellarFi Prime, you gain access to certified credit counselors. Certified credit counselors can provide personalized guidance on how you can achieve your credit and financial goals.

Bill Monitoring and Status

Sometimes, the hardest part about improving credit is learning how to change habits that aren’t serving you, such as better organizing your financial life. StellarFi tracks all your linked bills and their payment status in one place.

You will also receive alerts when bill payment is due. StellarFi will automatically pay your bills once you have enough money in your linked account to cover the bill.

credit score monitoring

To help you grow credit, StellarFi gives users an up-to-date credit score every time they log into the platform. While you can get your credit score for free, it’s useful to integrate the score into your financial center, especially if you’re working on establishing credit.

StellarFi Review: Credit Score MonitoringAre there any charges?

Yes, there are. You have to pay to use any of StellarFi’s services. In other words, StellarFi does not provide any free products.

Depending on the site, you can upgrade, downgrade or leave the service at any time without any negative impact on your credit score.

According to StellarFi’s website, they will soon be offering a higher tier paid subscription plan followed by Prime. At $19.99 per month, it will include Prime offers, as well as flexible bill pay dates, pay with ACH transfers, and credit protection tools.

Reported to All Three Credit Bureaus Up to $500 in Bills Paid Through StellarFiLinked Bills Monitoring and Status Updates Offers Everything Lite, but a High, Personal Credit Counseling with a High, $25,000 Bill Limit How Do I Contact StellarFi ?

The Texas-based company is headquartered at 1700 S. Lamar Blvd, Suite 338, Austin, TX 78704. You can also email StellarFi at [email protected]

There is an option to connect with StellarFi agents using the chat function on the customer support website.

How does StellarFi compare?

StellarFi is one of the more expensive credit-building services on the market, but it offers an excellent price-to-cost ratio. Flat $4.99 monthly fee gives you credit up to $500.

The $500 credit is significantly higher than the $204 in credit given by StellarFi’s competitor, Grow Credit. Like Grow Credit, StellarFi reports bills paid to all three credit reporting bureaus, so you can expect to see a real increase in your credit history through StellarFi.

Right now, StellarFi does not offer credit-building loans. If you want direct access to credit, consider a service like Self. Expand your access to the loan itself as you prove your ability to pay off the loans.


StellarFi ComparisonStellarFi Comparison: SelfStellarFi Comparison: Increase Credit

Maximum loan or bill payment coverage

Report to all 3 credit bureaus?


From a long-term credit growth perspective, StellarFi probably offers the best service. It helps you build positive credit and their focus on credit education can help you achieve long-term goals.

How do I open an account?

You do not need an established credit score to open an account. To open an account, visit the StellarFi website and click on Sign Up. Your name, email address, bank information and Social Security account are required to create an account.

You need to set credit target and link the bank account. The bank account will be used to pay for the service, and StellarFi will use the account to pay your linked bills.

best tools to improve your credit

Credit Tip: To get your score from all three agencies, you can check your credit history on an annual credit report for free once a year. Then, sign up for a useful tool to improve your credit. Check out our picks for the best ones.

Is it safe and secure?

StellarFi uses multiple layers of security to keep your information safe and secure. Like all financial institutions, StellarFi encrypts all your personal information using industry standards.

In addition, the Company does not directly store any of your financial information. StellarFi uses random tokens to represent your data, but the information is linked rather than stored. Even if StellarFi has been hacked, your financial data will not be accessible.

Using a digital card also provides another layer of security, allowing you to quickly toggle payments on or off if something goes wrong, such as your phone company experiencing a data breach.

StellarFi Review: National Foundation for Credit Counselingis it worth it?

If you have at least one credit card, you don’t need StellarFi. You can use a free app like Credit Karma to monitor your credit score and get tips to increase your score.

StellarFi’s product is designed for those with no credit history or bad credit. This may be for you if you:

Don’t understand why you keep getting rejected over and over when applying for credit, ruining your credit with outstanding loans or missed payments

StellarFi can convert everyday bills into payments that are recognized by credit reporting agencies. By reporting your regular bills, StellarFi can help weed out bad credit history with positive credit behavior that can boost your credit score. This will happen only if you pay your regular bills on time.

Within a few months of establishing credit activity, you may be eligible to open a credit card or take out other types of loans.

StellarFi Features

Available in all 50 states

Minimum Income Requirement

report to credit bureaus

Yes, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion

customer service number

web/desktop account access

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