During his “My Take”, Thursday, “Varney & Co.” Host Stuart Varney reacted to Russian jets shooting down a US spy drone in the midst of a war with Ukraine, arguing that President Biden needs to show leadership, define what “victory” is, and give Ukraine what it needs.

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STUART VARNEY: The video is a clear provocation. Russian jets pour fuel onto an American drone. It was clearly a deliberate attack on our military. How do we respond?

Isn’t that the dilemma we’re in with the whole war in Ukraine? How far should our answer go?

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Biden says we must do “whatever is necessary.”


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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stepped right into it.. He says it’s not a war, it’s a “territorial dispute.” Providing Ukraine with long-range aircraft and missiles is not in America’s vital interests. He wants peace talks.

This prompted a stormy editorial in the Wall Street Journal: “DeSantis’ first big mistake.”

For the magazine, the governor goes against Reagan’s “peace through force” doctrine.

If two Republican leaders, that is, DeSantis and Trump, leave Ukraine, what will this say to Russians and Europeans? This does not exactly inspire confidence in American leadership.

If Biden does give Zelensky what he wants, and Ukraine eventually fights back against the Russians, at least half of the Republican Party will look like it has abandoned a valiant ally in a life-and-death struggle.

Ukrainian President Zelensky, US President Biden

The first debate of the Republican candidates will take place in August. Right in the middle of the fighting season in Ukraine.

They go into it as a divided party and that gives the president an advantage.

My opinion. Biden must define “victory” and, when he defines it, give Ukraine what it needs.

That would be leadership.