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Substack, the newsletter platform that allows authors and creators to charge readers a monthly fee, announced Monday that its publications have more than one million paid subscribers, a milestone for the four-year-old company. Which rocked the media landscape.

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In a blog post On the forum, co-founder Hamish McKenzie said that the site’s publications’ one million paid subscribers are “subscriptions that did not exist before,” and did not break away from the subscriber bases of traditional media outlets and “represent a multitude of people who have not been able to access the site.” are” the new money in the media ecosystem. ,

McKenzie also wrote that the platform’s top 10 publications collectively make $20 million a year.

While Substack does not rank its publications overall, it does show which newsletters are most popular in certain categories and provides a range of their readership sizes: Heather Cox Richardson letter from an american At the top of the ranks of politics, ‘trust is led by Jimmy Evans’ tipping point prediction update, TK News Matt Tauby leads the podcast category and Alison Roman is the chef a newspaper Food and drink tops, according to the platform, all of which have “thousands of customers”.

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