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Less than half of Americans say they support tougher gun laws, according to a new Quinnipiac vote suggests, the lowest level of support since 2005, as the US Supreme Court prepares to issue a major ruling that could roll back gun control laws across the country.

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A Quinnipiac poll conducted November 11-15 among 1,378 American adults found 45% to have tough gun laws, while 49% opposed them.

This is down from 54% support for tighter laws in April, Quinnipiac said, and the first time less than 50% have supported more stringent rules since December 2015, when 47% were in favor of them.

Republicans primarily opposed stricter laws, with only 13% supporting tougher laws versus 91% Democrats, and women were more likely than men to support increased restrictions (57% support tougher laws). versus 33% of men).

A 48% plurality believed the US would be less safe “if more people carried guns,” however, 70% of Republicans believed it would be safer.

Although more Americans may support less restrictive laws, a 62% majority still believe gun owners should be banned when it comes to carrying firearms in public places.

This includes 42% Republicans, 45% gun owners and 51% owning a gun in their household.


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