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Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Friday refused to halt New York City’s public school vaccine mandate, allowing the nation’s largest school district to proceed with plans to remove unvaccinated teachers and other staff from the payroll next week. Got it.

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Several teachers asked the High Court for an emergency injunction on Thursday, arguing that the mandate “puts an unconstitutional burden on public-school teachers” by not allowing them to opt out of vaccination.

sotomayor rejected his application Friday evening for the injunction.

School staff are required to present proof of vaccination to the city by Friday midnight, or they will be removed from the pay scale of the district on Mondays unless they receive a religious or medical exemption.

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“We are satisfied with Justice Sotomayor’s decision,” Georgia Pestana, attorney for the New York City Corporation, said in a statement. Businesshala. “He made the right call to the law and in the best interest of the students and teachers.”

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“We are disappointed, but the fight for the due process rights of our clients and those with similar conditions will continue,” said teachers’ lawyer Vinoo Varghese. Businesshala. “Our hope is that the next mayor will restore normalcy and decency in New York City.”

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90%. This is part of New York City public school staff who have already been at least partially vaccinated, Mayor Bill de Blasio told MSNBC. morning joe On Friday the school system comprises 93% of its teachers and 98% of its headmasters.