Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett rejects Wisconsin appeal to block Biden student-debt forgiveness

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court Justice Amy Connie Barrett on Thursday dismissed the appeal of a group of Wisconsin taxpayers seeking to halt the Biden administration’s student loan cancellation program.

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Barrett did not comment in dismissing the appeal of the Brown County Taxpayers Association, which has also lost in lower federal courts. The group wrote in its Supreme Court filing that it needed an emergency order suspending the program because the administration could begin canceling outstanding student loans as early as Sunday.

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Barrett oversees emergency appeals from Wisconsin and neighboring states. He acted on his own, without involving the rest of the court.

US District Judge William Grisbach had previously dismissed the group’s lawsuit, believing it did not have the legal authority or standing to bring the case. A panel of appellate judges declined to step in with an emergency order.

Eligible borrowers can apply to cancel the loan for up to $20,000.
Other legal challenges to the program are pending.

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