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US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has contracted a case of COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated, court said Friday, though it is still unclear how her illness will affect the court as she prepares to start her new term.

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Kavanaugh tested positive for COVID-19 Thursday night ahead of the funeral ceremony for Associate Justice Amy Connie Barrett, which he will no longer attend.

Kavanaugh has been fully vaccinated since January, the court said, and “has no symptoms.”

Justice tested negative on Monday before the court met for a conference.

Kavanaugh’s family has also been fully vaccinated and has tested negative for COVID-19.

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Kavanaugh’s breakthrough case comes days before the Supreme Court begins hearing the first oral arguments of his new term, which will begin on Monday with a hearing in the ground floor. Controversy between Mississippi and Tennessee and in a criminal conviction matter. they are hearing scheduled For the first time in person since the pandemic began, the court changed its procedures to finally hear oral arguments remotely. The court on Friday did not comment on whether those hearings would still take place in person.