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The Supreme Court on Friday heard arguments on whether to uphold the federal government’s workplace vaccine requirements, with the court’s leading conservative justices indicating they may temporarily extend President Joe Biden’s vaccine-or-testing mandate for large private employers. may be willing to block from – but may be more open to, a different mandate for healthcare workers.

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The Supreme Court on Friday heard oral arguments on whether to temporarily halt federal government rules requiring all private employers with more than 100 employees to have vaccines or routine COVID-19 tests, and to participate in Medicare and Medicaid. Vaccines are required for healthcare workers in facilities with

During the private employer hearing, Chief Justice John Roberts questioned the Biden administration’s strategy of using various agencies — such as Labor and the Departments of Health and Human Services — to extend the vaccine mandate without Congress “issuing federal vaccine mandates”. To implement as “work-around”. Approval.

Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Connie Barrett appeared to express some sympathy with the challengers — trade groups and the GOP-led states — with Barrett asking a lawyer whether he believed the mandate was too much within its scope. was more and Kavanaugh suggested that he may sided with this approach. This issue should be left to Congress and not to the executive branch.

Barrett also questioned whether the federal government was justified in enforcing the vaccine-or-testing mandate as an emergency rule rather than a routine rule, which would require a public comment period and more scrutiny before enacting.

Chief Justice appeared potentially more sympathetic to the health care mandate, however, Kavanaugh noted that while Republican state officials were challenging the requirement, medical facilities affected by the mandate “actually overwhelmingly tend to support it”. appear for”.

Barrett said he disagrees that the Biden administration has actually backed his case for some of the medical facilities used to justify the policy, however, suggesting that he only supports certain health facilities. May favor limiting mandates to enforce but not others – a position the Biden administration said. Be acceptable, as more than 90% of health workers work in facilities they believe will pass Barrett’s test.


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