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Supreme Court will not hear the challenge brought against him by the CEO of MyPillow under the voting machine company’s defamation suit against the Dominion voting system, the court announced Monday, it helps ensure that the case against him proceeds, as an appeals court had already ruled against him.

Key Facts

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Dominion sued MyPillow and Lindell in February 2021 for spreading false election fraud claims involving the company’s machines – arguing that it “sells lies” because “lies sell pillows” – and a federal judge rejected Lindell’s motion to dismiss the case in August 2021.

Lindell then asked an appeals court to hear his motion to dismiss the case, but it refused to take it up on procedural grounds, sending him to the Supreme Court.

The CEO of MyPillow asked the Supreme Court to consider whether he had the right to appeal the motion to dismiss, saying the inability to appeal the order left him a “monumentally tedious and disastrously costly judicial process”. ” for “condemns” because the district court has to fully consider the case first.

The Supreme Court did not comment on why it did not take up the case or if a judge was in favor of hearing it, but noted that Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson did not participate in the decision.

Lindell’s attorney has yet to respond to a request for comment.

main background

Monday's Supreme Court ruling marks the latest loss for Lindell in an ongoing legal dispute against Dominion and rival voting company Smartmatic, which has also sued him for defamation. The courts have also allowed that case to proceed and denied He has protested against the voting companies. Lindell has been one of the most prominent advocates of claims that voting machines fraudulently "flipped" President Joe Biden's vote in the 2020 election from former President Donald Trump, a claim that has no evidence to support it. The CEO of MyPillow has continued to press for his fraud claims despite the growing legal investigation against him.

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Dominion's defamation case against Lindell, along with related cases against far-right attorneys Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, likely won't go to trial until late 2023 or early 2024, depending on a Schedule Judges overseeing prescribed cases.

tangent line

In addition to his defamation controversies, Lindell is also the subject of an FBI investigation into an alleged electoral security breach in Mesa County, Colorado. The FBI has confiscated Lindell's cellphone in connection with that investigation, although it is still unclear whether he himself is directly under investigation or if the FBI believes he may have committed a crime. Lindell has sued the FBI to get his phone back, though a federal judge has so far denied his request.

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