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The US Supreme Court is set to begin hearing oral arguments on Wednesday about reinstating the death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber Joker Tsarnaev, which serves as a broader test for President Biden, who served the death penalty. campaign was launched to eliminate

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The high court will review before appeals a decision made last year by the Circuit Court overturning the death sentence for Tsarnaev, which was convicted And nearly six years ago he was sentenced to death for his role in the deadly 2013 attack.

Tsarnaev, now 28, was indicted by a jury on 30 counts of killing three people and injuring 260 others, including setting off two bombs in a race with his deceased older brother.

But the appeals court argued that the judge in charge of Tsarnaev’s trial – the center of a flurry of media attention – had not thoroughly examined the jurors for bias and withheld some evidence indicating that their large Brother, Tamerlan, may be more guilty. bombing

Both the Trump and Biden administrations decided to appeal the decision, bringing the matter to the Supreme Court.

Tsarnaev’s lawyer, Ginger Anders, argued that his client had been sentenced to death in “proceedings compounded by two grave errors”. filing to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department protested that Tsarnaev’s judge used a fair process to screen jurors and that the evidence about Tsarnaev’s older brother “has little if any effect.” [Dzhokhar’s] Blame himself for the Boston Marathon bombing.”

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In a letter to Solicitor General Brian Fletcher, Solicitor General Brian Fletcher wrote, “Tsarnaev’s deliberate decision to bomb the Boston Marathon carried the death penalty because his own personal actions were horrific, unforgivable and the product of his own embrace of terrorist ideology.” ” briefing to court, referring to words Tsarnaev wrote on the side of the fishing boat where he hid from the police after the bombing.

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The families of the victims of the bombing and those who survived the deadly attack are divided over whether they believe Tsarnaev should be given the death penalty. Patricia Campbell, whose 29-year-old daughter Crystal died when the first bomb exploded near the race’s finish line, said Boston Globe The case forced him to reconsider his stance against the death penalty, and “an eye for an eye seems appropriate.” But the parents of the youngest victim, Martin Richards, at the age of 8, against Sentenced, citing “years of appeal” and “re-living the most painful day of our lives”.

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Beyond Tsarnaev’s fate, the case has served as a challenge for Biden about whether he will follow through on his campaign promise. Biden lists the abolition of the death penalty as one of them priorities For criminal justice reform while running for office. Since the president does not have the power to abolish the federal death penalty without the support of Congress or the Supreme Court, Biden described his plan as “passing legislation to abolish the death penalty at the federal level” and “for states to comply.” to encourage”. Example of federal government. However, increasing Pressure From civil rights groups pushing for a halt to the execution of Joe Biden, the new administration has not said how or when it plans to follow through with the campaign’s promise. Currently, Biden’s own Justice Department is asking for Tsarnaev to be executed.

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Supreme Court is Be expected To make its decision in this matter by the summer of 2022.

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