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A suspect charged with the fatal and unprovoked shooting of a Goldman Sachs employee in a New York City subway on Sunday is in custody, just hours after the New York Police Department said multiple outlets reported Tuesday, citing law enforcement sources. Free A photograph of a person asking the public for information about his whereabouts.

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Andrew Abdullah, 25, surrendered to the police on Tuesday. NBC News informed of.

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Two days after the surrender, police said the suspect shot 48-year-old Brooklyn resident Daniel Enriquez in the chest at the Canal Street train station on a Manhattan-bound Q Line train at 11:42 a.m.

Abdullah, a Brooklyn resident, has previously had 20 arrests, including assault, robbery, intimidation and major theft, ABC News. informed ofquoting police sources

According to ABC, police also recovered the gun used in the shooting, which Abdullah allegedly gave to a homeless man after fleeing Canal Street. ABC reported that the homeless man sold the gun for $10 to someone who reported it to police.

According to ABC, the motive of the shooter is still unknown.

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