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Cafes, restaurants, gyms and hair salons in Sydney reopened to fully vaccinated customers on Monday, as the state of New South Wales exceeded its goal of fully immunizing more than 70% of its population , a move that prompts . Australia launches new strategy to live with the virus in areas where vaccination rates are high.

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New South Wales (NSW) State Premier Dominic Perrott told reporters in the state capital Sydney that Monday was “Independence Day” and the state was pulling the country out of the pandemic, but acknowledged that “it is a challenge”. Will be.”

The move comes at a time when 74 per cent of NSW’s eligible population has been fully vaccinated.

Additional pandemic restrictions will be lifted after the state hits the 80% vaccination benchmark, allowing NSW residents to travel abroad without restrictions for the first time since March last year.

On Monday, New South Wales reported 496 new Covid-19 cases, well below the previous month’s peak of more than 1,500, but Perrott warned that the infection rate would rise as Sydney residents returned to work.

Despite concerns about another spike in cases, Perrott said infection and hospitalization rates in the state remained lower than modeling predicted.

The state’s border with neighboring Queensland will remain closed as the northwestern state currently has only a 52% vaccination rate.

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“Enjoy this moment, enjoy it with your family and friends,” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told Sydney residents during a news conference. “Today is a day many people have been waiting for – a day when we take things lightly, we will celebrate.”

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62.42%. This is the percentage of Australia’s eligible population – people over the age of 16 – who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to a tracker being run by Sydney Morning Herald. More than 82% have received at least one dose. Australia plans to begin easing restrictions once the country has hit a 70% absolute vaccination rate, followed by lifting almost all restrictions at 80%.