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Days after Taylor Swift released her own version of her 2012 album Red Amidst a contentious disagreement over the ownership of his master, the artist Charted seven different albums In the Billboard Top 100, she achieved this feat for the first time.

important facts

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original version of Red Highest ranked 21st on this week’s chart, followed by 2020 folk literature on 24th, 2020 Evermore 40, 2019’s . Feather the lover 48, in 2021 Fearless (Taylor’s Version) 51, in 2010 Speak now 54 and in 2014 1989 at 77.

She also set her own record of eight entries on the Billboard Top 200: 2017’s Prestige ranked 126th.

The only other female artist to chart at least seven albums on the Billboard Top 100 was Whitney Houston, who did so in 2012, according to billboard,

Swift, 31, only owns four of those works: the master recordings for her first six albums were sold by Big Machine Records in 2019 to music manager Scooter Braun, who later sold the works. Shamrock Capital, a deal Swift claims was cut.

Swift resolves to re-record her masters, the second of whom, Red (Taylor’s Version), she released Friday, and it’s already making waves: On Friday, Swift set her own record for most streamed albums in a day by a woman and most streamed female artist in a day. broke. on Spotify,

anticipation and success Red (Taylor’s Version) Listening to your old work Red reached 101 to 21 on the Billboard Top 100 from last week to this week, and Speak now Shot from 197 to 54 – and songs from both albums have been trending on TikTok in the past week.


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