Tech Leaders Create Proofs of Concept for the Metaverse

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AmerisourceBergen CIO Mark Spykerman Says ‘The Metaverse Is Going to Play a Role in Business’

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While it’s unclear when the Metaverse will be widely adopted, chief information officers for businesses ranging from consumer products to pharmaceuticals say they plan to launch a proof of concept later this year to address this. How it can solve real-world challenges.

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“Metaverse is going to play a role in the business,” said Mark Spiekerman, CIO of AmerisourceBergen Corp.

Edward Wagner, CIO of commercial real estate services company Jones Lang LaSalle Inc., said the company is looking at investing in the metaverse through several different avenues.

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First, he said, it is looking at “purchasing specific virtual locations within high-traffic areas to test different scenarios,” including understanding how ads, offers and services might work there.

The company is also looking at how Metaverse will provide opportunities to optimize a mix of hybrid work arrangements, in-office and remote work through a high level of virtual interaction.

To do this, JLL is looking at investing in startups “to help us prototype and create opportunities related to these metaverses,” said Mr. Wagner.

Visa Inc.

The workplace is also exploring the potential of the metaverse.

“What we’re aiming for is a reflection of a physical world in a virtual world that brings to the fore the conversation, training, simulation, conversation where some people can leave a conference room and chat the hallway with something like an avatar or a hologram or such.” Something you can project and see,” said Rajat Taneja, president of technology at Visa.

Mr Taneja said this year Visa plans to prototype and test the technology.

Scientists, in particular, can use the technology to simulate what can be challenging to do in real life, said Paul von Autenreid, CIO of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.

“We have scientists doing real work in laboratories with beakers and chemicals and their ability to do their job and get their hands free is very valuable,” he said. “The Metaverse to me triggers an avalanche of ideas and technology in augmented reality and the type of technology that lies at the intersection of human physical interaction and what can be done with digital innovation.”

Procter & Gamble Co. CIO Vittorio Cratella said the metaverse will become a common way companies interact with their customers.

At last week’s CES 2022, for the second year in a row, P&G hosted LifeLab, a virtual experience where visitors could create avatars and walk around a digital exhibition space to learn more about new P&G products.

“When we talk about the metaverse and the immersive experience, I think, for me, it is about connecting with consumers at the right time, on the media channel and with the right content,” he said.

Dave Williams, chief information and digital officer at pharmaceutical company Merck & Co., said he sees many possibilities for implementing the technology. “We’ve got some really good examples in our environment of how we leverage those existing technologies, especially during pandemics to connect experts who are in very different parts of the world,” he said.

“I see that this can be a huge opportunity in terms of connecting people, learning, developing,” he said.

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