Tesco announces extra pay rise to help workers with cost of living

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Upmarket giant Tesco has been praised for offering its employees additional pay hikes to help them tide over the crisis of living.

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The company announced a second increase in hourly wages this year and a doubling of employee discounts to support employees this Christmas.

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From 13 November, the basic hourly rate of pay will increase from 20p to £10.30 in Tesco stores and £10.98 in London.

That means hourly rates at Tesco would have increased by about 8% this year, which the company said was already a record year-long investment in store employees’ salaries.

Tesco will double its affiliate Clubcard discount to 20% during the prime Christmas shopping period from December 13-19.

Shopkeepers union Usdaw welcomed the announcement, saying the business has also committed to moving next year’s wage negotiations forward to the spring of 2023.

Usdaw said that, with wage negotiations due in January 2023, Tesco employees should also see a third raise in pay within 12 months since the last set of wage negotiations.

National Officer Daniel Adams said: “As the cost of living crisis deepens, USDAW continues to engage with Tesco about what can be done to support employees through this incredibly difficult time.

“Securing additional investments outside the normal pay cycle is unprecedented within the business and we welcome the fact that the company has engaged positively with the union and recognized the need for feedback.

“We also very much welcome the agreement to bring forward the 2023 wage review so that any investments secured through these negotiations can be paid early to the workers who need it most.

We know that our associates are experiencing the same pressure as our customers. We are truly committed to taking care of our partners

“While additional investment from business is welcome, without further, widespread government intervention, many workers who were not so long ago, being hailed as heroes amid the pandemic, are facing economic devastation.

“USDAO is campaigning for immediate government action on the cost of living crisis and will continue to engage with employers to seek immediate assistance to address the hardship facing many of our members.”

Ken Murphy, Tesco’s chief executive, said: “We know our partners are facing the same pressure as our customers.”

He said the measures taken so far – twice the pay raise, increasing free meals in canteens and hiking staff clubcard discounts – “try to ensure that our colleagues don’t have to go to food banks”.

He remained silent about any further salary reviews or if they would be more frequent, saying: “We are really committed to taking care of our partners.”

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