A 60-piece collection of legendary pop artist Andy Warhol’s featuring photos, drawings, prints and paintings of himself and his famous friends and acquaintances fetched $1.2 million at auction Thursday, amid a cultural resurgence of interest in the late artist’s life and work.

Key Facts

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The online auction netted nearly 50% more than the low end of its $768,000 pre-sale estimate, Christie’s told Forbes,

The most expensive of Warhol’s pieces to sell at the auction was a work titled “Piss Painting” – created using urine and gesso primer on a canvas – which sold for $302,400 (Warhol was notorious using urine and other body fluids in his art during the later part of his career.)

The other items in the auction that fetched the highest prices were three of Warhol’s emblematic pop art prints depicting his famous acquaintances, including of golfer Jack Nicklaus (which reached $277,200), liquor executive Michel Roux ($119,700) and author Truman Capote ($50,400).

The collection was made up of mostly photographs taken by Warhol of his friends, as well as formal portrait subjects and members of his wider social circle in the 1980’s, including figure skater Dorothy Hamillartist Jean-Michel Basquiat (and a rare photograph of his mother, Matilde Basquiat) Brazilian soccer star Pelesinger Diana Rossfashion editor Diana Vreelandauthor Fran Lebowtizthe members of British rock band the Rolling Stones and even Pope John Paul II,

The items were put up for sale by the Andy Warhol Foundationa nonprofit set up in the artist’s name that handles his estate, and proceeds from the auction will go toward the foundation’s endowment that awards cash grants to art organizations.