The average salary in the highest-paid job category in America is $200,000 — and there are thousands of positions available

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One of the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic may be our relationship to our work. Are you happy with your job? Or are you one of the million dropouts? Does it pay enough to make that trip, or work longer hours from home?

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It is a tough labor market. Economists say the US added only 199,000 new jobs in December and just 249,000 in November, when the economy should have created twice that amount.

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The unemployment rate in the US fell from 4.2% to 3.9%, hitting the low of a new pandemic. The rate was 3.5% just before the pandemic. The labor-force participation rate reached an epidemic high of 61.9%.

Wages increased by 4.7% in 2021. The last time wages rose as fast as it was several decades ago. It was one of the silver linings in December’s jobs report, indicating that pandemic-era employers are keen to attract employees.

highest paying job

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Now for the $200,000 question: Glassdoor’s “25 Highest Paying Jobs in America“The report for 2022 lists the physician at the No. 1 spot, making it one of the highest-paid jobs in the world, especially during a worldwide pandemic.

Physicians earn a median annual salary of $193,415, with 3,729 job openings. based Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they earn $208,000 per year, a 3% increase over the next decade. This is about 3 times the annual average salary.

For a job title to be considered for Glassdoor’s list of highest-paying jobs, the job title must have received at least 100 salary reports shared by US-based employees in the past year. It also employs a statistical algorithm for estimating the average base salary.

Glassdoor controls for salary variables such as city and level of seniority, and takes into account job-title generalizations that group similar job titles. C-suite level jobs were excluded from its annual report.

Other Jobs That Pay Well

Next on the “highest paid” list were pharmacy manager ($144,768 with 3,042 openings), dentist ($142,478 with 3,655 openings), pharmacist ($126,438 with $1,884 openings) and enterprise architect ($122,585 and 1,555 openings). .

But what if you don’t work as a therapist or An Enterprise Architect? Career websites using anonymous salary reports from across the country are helpful in finding out whether you are being paid at market rates.

Don’t bet on your ally to spread the means. In a survey conducted by researchers from Harvard Business School and UCLA, nearly half of respondents said they would No Tell your teammates what they earned, even for a reward of $125.

“Individuals are afraid to ask their co-workers about their salary, because they understand that most co-workers prefer to keep their salary information private,” the newspaper said. If they ask, they will probably have to answer the same question.

The ‘Best Place’ to Work in America

On Wednesday, Glassdoor also released the “best places to work in America” ​​for companies with more than 1,000 employees. The number 1 company was nvidia nvda,
Based on how satisfied those surveyed were overall in their employment with graphics processing units and designers of mobile chips.

Glassdoor’s list includes software company HubSpot, management consultancy Bain & Co., real estate brokerage EXP Realty, software firm Box Box,
Boston Consulting Group and Google parent Alphabet GOOG,
(You can see the full list Here,

Workers were asked to rate their CEO and key workplace characteristics such as career opportunities, compensation and benefits, culture and values, diversity and inclusion, senior management and work-life balance.

“Employees are also asked whether they would recommend their employer to a friend and whether they believe their employer’s six-month business outlook is positive, negative, or has no opinion,” Glassdoor said. “

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