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You probably came out of Eternal and had a lot of actors you wanted to know more about and if one of them was Richard Madden then you are in the right place. The actor who brought Ikaris to life in film has had an elaborate career that includes hit television shows, critically acclaimed movies, and more!

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So join us in some of Madden’s best work and see which of his movies or television shows could be your next adventure when that blue-eyed man with a gray streak falls in love with Gemma Chan’s Cersei from Chloe Zhao Is. eternal.

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1. Game of Thrones
Image credit: HBO.

Full disclosure, Game of Thrones is where I was first introduced to Richard Madden because he played my favorite character on the show, and even today, I still want justice for Robb Stark. Ned and Kellyanne Stark’s eldest son, Rob (as the show describes it) was the King of the North. And honestly, Richard Madden is so good at this show that you’re ready to support Rob, even though his fate is one of the more popular spoilers about the show!

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Now, if you want to have a fun time, I don’t think you’ll want to dive straight into Game of Thrones because the show, famously, kills and hurts its characters. But it’s a pleasure to see Richard Madden as young Robb Stark and why not commit to a show that truly polarizes its fans? Do it for Richard Madden but bring some tissues too.

2. Bodyguard
bodyguardImage credit: Netflix.

David Budd is a war veteran who works in the Royalty and Specialist Security Branch with the Metropolitan Police Service in London, Budd is assigned to protect the polarizing political figure Rt Hon Julia Montague MP. Basically, think of all the fans you’ve read about a hot bodyguard falling in love with the guy they swore to protect and you’ll love the thriller series Bodyguard if you like it .

For fans who weren’t into Game of Thrones, they probably came to Richard Madden as David Budd because it was a Netflix series in the United States. (So ​​yes, your mom probably suggested it to you at some point if you hadn’t seen it yourself.) Again, it’s completely different from the rest of Madden’s work, but clearly her talent and a gamut of colors. Demonstrates the ability to play a wide range. And for Bodyguard fans a great addition to his filmography!

3. Ibiza
IbizaImage credit: Netflix.

Maybe you’re in the mood for a light-hearted movie about a DJ who falls in love with Gillian Jacobs. If so, may I suggest Ibiza? A movie I’d describe as “only vibes”? Truly a wild romantic comedy filled with just hilarious comedic performances and also Richard Madden is probably his best looking, the movie is like nothing we’ve seen before Richard Madden. I’m blaming the look of the white T-shirt.

But can you expect anything more from him? He has mastered the art of bringing new life to every character he plays. Playing Leo West, he meets Harper (Jacobs) while he is trying to go on a business trip and it turns into a whirlwind romance that, as the audience, has for Leo and Harper. is implied. But really, when aren’t we rooting for a fun DJ played by Richard Madden in white T-shirts to fall in love?

4. Rocketman
rocket ManImage credit: Paramount Pictures.

The film that should have been nominated for an Oscar (and Richard Madden for Best Supporting Actor) was the 2019 film Rocketman, directed by Dexter Fletcher. Starring Taron Egerton as Elton John, Jamie Bell as Bernie Taupin and Madden as John Reed, the film is a look at the rise to fame that Elton John had in the 60s and beyond. And you’ll want to prepare yourself for Madden singing “Honky Cat” because it will make you scream.

Now Madden is, essentially, a villain in this movie if you know anything about John Reed and Elton John’s relationships with each other, but it’s still an amazing role for Richard Madden to play and give him Should have got more recognition. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time we hear him sing, because as I said, “Honky Cat” is incredibly fun and everything that Richard Madden finds in these fun suits is a plus.

5. Cinderella
cinderellaImage credit: Disney Studios.

Live-action Disney movies remaking their classics have been quite a hit or miss, but the debut, starring Richard Madden, looked promising. Cinderella, directed by Kenneth Branagh, was a beautiful take on the story of Cinderella (Lily James) and her quest to find Prince Charming (Richard Madden). It’s not a musical and it’s not a carbon copy of the animated film of the same name, but the film does the impossible: It made me like a Cinderella story.

Madden is perfectly cast as Prince Charming and is a wonderful addition to the Disney world, but the film kicked off a series of live-action remakes that no one asked for. I’ll defend Cinderella (2015) because it was a beautiful retelling of the classic tale, but we have to downplay it a bit because it gave us Beauty and the Beast (2017) and it really was torture for all of us.

6. 1917
1917Image credit: Universal Pictures.

1917 is a movie that really tests your knowledge of the actors of the United Kingdom and whether or not you may recognize their voices. Glad to share that I recognized Richard Madden’s voice before I stepped on the screen. The Sam Mendes film, which was nominated for Best Picture, is a look at a battle in World War I in which two soldiers fight to get information from enemy lines to another unit. And the lance Corporal William (George McKay) takes on the journey, he meets other soldiers along the way.

One is Lieutenant Joseph Blake, played by Richard Madden. He is only towards the end in 1917 but it is worth it as the whole film is beautifully shot and the story is one that will touch your heart but it is an exciting little treat to see Richard Madden at the end of it. Oh, and there’s Andrew Scott too!

7. Branagh Theater Live: Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and JulietImage credit: Johan Persson.

Lily James and Richard Madden reunited (relatively early) for Branagh Theater Live: Romeo and Juliet. Directed again by Kenneth Branagh (with Rob Ashford and then by Benjamin Caron for the film), this is the story known by fans of William Shakespeare far and wide. The classic story tells us about families battling each other and the result is the forbidden love of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet.

The fact that Madden and James play Romeo and Juliet is interesting because they are, famously, teenagers. But it’s a tough game to watch because we have so many customizations and renditions for it. Still, dealing with Richard Madden Shakespeare is impressive because it’s not an easy thing to do, but Kenneth Branagh knows better than anyone how to put on a Shakespeare and why not experience the magic of Romeo and Juliet?

8. Sirens
SoundImage credits: Channel 4.

Richard Madden fans have different ways of finding him and one of them is Show Siren. The 2011 comedy series follows paramedics and their journey to do the right thing while trying to live their lives, something that comedy has done in the United Kingdom in a way that we haven’t really met here in the United States. . Also, it is a very rare thing to see Richard Madden in a comedy later in his career.

Siren is described as “an insight into the lives of three paramedics who must deal with the stresses and tribulations of the job as well as their personal lives.” So what a fun way to explore Richard Madden as an actor who isn’t going to make you cry! Because to be honest, the material we’re seeing from him has resulted in us crying over Madden’s character, so Sirens is a nice change of pace.

9. Klondike
KlondikeImage credit: Discovery Channel.

After Game of Thrones, another show by Richard Madden was Klondike. Coming out in 2014 and only one season, Madden played Bill Haskell and the show had a relatively stacked cast, with Madden playing Robb Stark, Tim Roth, Conor Leslie and more. The three-episode mini-series has a current Rotten Tomatoes rating of 80%, so it’s a much-loved series for Madden and yet another historical drama for them. Released by the Discovery Channel, it’s set back in the 1890s, so if you were missing Richard Madden in the historical “disguise” after Game of Thrones, you can jump straight to Klondike.

The description for Klondike is as follows: a story about the lives of two childhood best friends, Bill and Epstein, in the late 1890s, when they arrive in the gold rush capital of the unknown Yukon Territory, scouting for undiscovered riches. The land is full and destroyed. from harsh conditions.

10. Medici
MediciImage credit: Netflix.

Ever wondered about the Medici family but don’t want to commit to learning about it? OK, may I interest you in Medici starring Richard Madden on Netflix? Based on the family in Italy, who rose to power during a time of social upheaval, the Medicis brought art and life to Italy while confronting their lust for power and control over the country. In the three-season series, we get to follow Madden as Cosimo de Medici and while the show was not renewed for a fourth season, it had a satisfying ending.

And honestly, what could be better than a historical drama that brings us absolutely beautiful actors in the form of these real-life people? Because otherwise, I don’t think I’d want to sit down and learn about the Medici family, but if you put Richard Madden into the mix, I’m a lot more excited to learn about Italy during medieval times. It’s the blue eyes that really scream “Italy” to me.

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