Thousands of Post Office workers walk out in strike action

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Thousands of post office workers have gone on strike in the dispute over salary.

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Members of the Communication Workers’ Union are taking action in a separate line 24 hours a day over a wage and conditions dispute in the Royal Mail.

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CWU official Andy Fury said the union had to call for a strike because its legal mandate to act was about to expire.

“This is actually a ridiculous aspect of the law. It was not our intention to strike further, but the attitude of the employer in terms of our need to comply with the statutory law left us with no choice.

“We are confident that the strike – the sixth strike by members of the CWU Post Office – will be as strongly supported as each of the previous actions.

“And unless there is a serious pay proposal with increased money on offer, then not only will this action go ahead, but we will also begin the process of voting for a second national strike.”

The CWU said the Post Office had increased the pay offer for 2022/23 from an initial 2% to £250 cash lump-sum with a 5% cash lump-sum.

But it said it was still “far behind current inflation levels”.

A post office spokesperson said: “We would like to assure our customers that most of our 11,500 branches are unaffected by CWU’s decision to strike and will remain open throughout the day.

“There are 114 branches, usually in city centres, which are directly managed by the post office and in the days of the last strike, more than half have opened as usual.

“We are disappointed that CWU has decided to strike, but hope we can reach a wage settlement soon.”

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