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Times Up, an advocacy group for victims of sexual assault, will lay off the majority of its remaining staff and rebuild next year, on Friday after several leaders of the group were investigated for their role in advising then-New York. Resigned at the beginning of the year. He faced allegations of sexual misconduct, as did Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

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Four board members of Time’s Up – actress Ashley Judd, finance chief Gabrielle Sulzberger, transgender rights activist Raffi Friedman-Gerspan and advertising executive Colleen DeCoursey – made the decision after an internal review, they said in a statement. Statement,

Interviews were conducted with 85 current and former employees and stakeholders in Review, which highlighted some of the organization’s shortcomings, including “conflicts of interest” by its board members and other top leaders, a lack of internal communication, and a failure to prioritize the “safety, well-being and treatment” of victims.

Time’s Up Interim President and CEO Monifa Bandele will step down at the end of the year.

Time’s Up spokesperson Washington Post That employees were told on Friday they would be laid off by the end of this year and would receive severance through March.

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