TMBA 667: Catching the Right Wave at the Right Time – Tropical MBA Podcast

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Today’s show began, as many of them do, as a personal conversation at a dark bar in a quiet city. where dan met brent gardenerFounder of Amazon PPC agency AMZ Pathfinder.

Now ‘agency models’ are a recurring theme on this show because they can be built in a weekend, are often very profitable, and they can provide additional income for what you’re already doing in a business. But done poorly, agency owners can find themselves in trouble with the ‘wrong’ clients and employees.

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But Brent seems to have capitalized on it, and found a profitable business that allows him to live in Montpellier, France, and enjoy the great outdoor lifestyle of a Mediterranean city.

Topics covered include: the mistake of not getting the first ‘A players’ on your team, why Brent thinks his nomadic lifestyle put his business on hold for the time being, and some ideas for agencies you can consider today. can start.

listen and learn:

Why an Agency Doesn’t Need High Stress How to Choose the Right Type of Client for Your Business The Power of Hiring ‘A’ Players Some ideas for those looking to start an agency today outlined in the episode:

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