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The summer of cycling and tapas is over in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Dan and Ian are back in Austin, Texas, inspired by the conversation and reaction they’ve had over the past few weeks as listeners and friends leave one of our favorite European cities.

One of those guys is someone we’ve seen on the pod before, telling the opening part of his story. So much has happened in his life that we thought it was time to reunite with him.

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Coren Woodmas’s entrepreneurial journey has expanded to e-commerce, building a successful commercial brokerage, to multi-million dollar deal maker in billion dollar exit. He is also an investor.

Today she and Dan are going to discuss ‘Five Little Ways to Grow Up’. These include why it’s sometimes necessary to ‘slow down to slow down’, the power to double your core entrepreneurial skills, and the power to invest for cash flow. And just a caveat: As with all discussions about investing, this isn’t advice, it’s just some of the perspectives you may (or may not) want to think about.

listen and learn:

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