Top-10 Blockchain Games To Disrupt the Market in 2023

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The blockchain gaming industry is growing by leaps and bounds: in 2022, it could be worth $4.6 billion. By 2027, it is estimated to reach its capitalization $65.7 billion, The appearance of NFTs, play-to-earn and play-to-play games has kickstarted a massive influx of profit-hungry crypto enthusiasts in 2021-2022. However, we are seeing a market transition from P2E to free-to-play blockchain games with regular video gamers jumping on board as well. If you want to get the best of both worlds – cryptocurrency profits and gaming thrills – this guide will help you choose the best options available on the market.

Without further ado, let’s look at the top-10 blockchain games that are very likely to get hyped in 2023.

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Representing the new generation of blockchain games, Designed with a pleasant and lasting user experience in mind. Have you ever thought of setting up your own startup? With Bluelight, you can build the company of your dreams, complete hundreds of projects, earn tons of money, and become famous throughout the Metaverse!

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Your business path will start with an office and a team that works and completes projects to earn tokens and rewards. The latter can be used to improve your work space and gain access to more complex and expensive projects down the road. As you progress through the game and acquire more cards, your teammates also gain experience and become stronger. The main goal of the game is to launch all the projects, earn tons of $KALE and become the CEO of Bluelight Corporation.

This game is highly recommended for both experienced blockchain gamers and novices – it has an engaging gameplay and easy-to-navigate interface, but at the same time it never gets boring as players are always challenged with new problems and tasks. She goes.

god unrestricted

One of the most famous NFT trading games in the Metaverse industry is Gods Unchained, which not only offers great play-to-earn features to players, but is also free-to-play, unlike many other gamify projects. As a result, it serves as a great starting point for anyone interested in learning more about Metaverse gaming.

To obtain rewards, users collect cards and engage in battles and duels with other players. With the help of Ethereum blockchain technology, they can manage, trade and buy virtual cards that give them a winning advantage in battle.

The $GODS token, the platform’s native currency, enables users to buy card packs and chests, create their own NFTs, and stake the tokens to earn rewards.


Illuvium is a popular online gaming and real world simulation platform for PC and Mac users. Users can play this Ethereum-based sci-fi adventure game that lets them explore seven alien settings. The goal of the game is to collect NFT monsters and compete with other players to earn prizes.

Over 100 creatures (so-called Eluvials) can be collected, trained, and merged to increase their strength in the game’s exotic areas. $ILV tokens are awarded to players as a reward for completing missions and participating in activities and competitions. Players can bet ILV on battles that take place in the Leviathan Arena.

star atlas

Built on the Solana blockchain, the Star Atlas multiplayer metaverse has lived up to its reputation as a long-term cryptocurrency project to invest in. MUD Sector, ONI Sector and Ustur Sector have united their factions in this famous. Play-to-earn cryptocurrency game, the action of which is set in the year 2620.

There is a constant struggle between humans, aliens and androids over resources, territory and political dominance. It is up to the inhabitants (the players) of Star Atlas to decide how the interplanetary conflict turns out. Actions on the platform are powered by two native tokens – $ATLAS and $POLIS.

Gamers can command crewed deep space ships to find resources on Earth and receive rewards for their efforts in conflict resolution for Star Atlas. These resources can be mined, polished, and exchanged on the Universal Marketplace if a player finds them.

Star Atlas features a first-person cockpit perspective that lets players manually command the spacecraft. To make transactions and track NFT ownership, users need a Solana Wallet.

alien world

Alien Worlds, another great NFT game, hosts over a million players. They can earn Trillium ($TLM), the currency used in this play-to-earn game, to unlock more gaming modes and take control of the planet DAO. Alien Worlds invites gamers to participate in council candidate elections or run for planetary council and simulate economic competition.

Players can undertake missions in the Metaverse and find NFTs, which can later be used to mine Trillium or engage in combat and complete objectives. NFTs vary in rarity and brightness, which affects the value in the game.


Sorare is a fantasy football card game that lets players build lineups and strategies. This is the ideal NFT game for football fans. Weekly competitions pit managers against each other using trade cards of real football players. Similar to fantasy football, your points are determined by actual events and the performance of the players in your deck.

Rarity-Limited, Rare, Ultra Rare and Unique cards are divided into four categories that define their value on the platform. These NFT cards are owned by players who can exchange them with other players or resell them on the open market.

Upon signing up for Sorare players receive a free starter bundle, which is completely free to use. As they play, they can collect additional cards. To advance in the game and climb the divisions, you’ll need to buy the most unique cards.

The Walking Dead: Empires

This multiplayer game will be loved by the lovers of survival games as it is based on the universe of the popular TV series ‘The Walking Dead’. In this blockchain-powered MMO, players can work together to survive by taking on walkers, challenging rivals, building new habitats, and searching for resources. Similar to the plot of the series, players have the option of establishing their authority and leading a group of allies or swearing allegiance to a more powerful figure.

In this game, players who own land have a greater advantage when there is a lot of activity in their territory – whether it be trade and shopping, fighting and killing, or both. Thus players will need to establish a substantial defense that attracts both opponents and walkers as well as survivors.


Tamadoge Arcade is a continuation of the Super Doge game, derived from a high potential meme project. Players can earn $TAMA tokens in the primary game, which are modeled after Tamagotchi, by taking care of, feeding, and exercising their pets. The leaderboard rewards participants with $TAMA tokens based on how well they bring their virtual pets to adulthood. When they do, pets engage in fighting with other pets.

In the platform game, players use Mario-style jumps to move through a level, collect money, and defeat other characters. In the AR version of the app, players will be able to walk around and explore the real world while dogs appear on the screen.

Tamdog’s latest arcade game, “To The Moon”, has already been released and is making waves among gamers. It is the third game in the Tamadoge arcade collection, which has attracted hundreds of hours of play.

robot era

RobotEra ($Tarot) is a promising new play-to-earn crypto game that puts earning opportunities directly in the hands of people. The virtual world of Robotera is divided into several regions known as continents. Users who own the RobotEra Avatar NFT (mined Q4 2022) can buy and erect structures on these lots, as well as complete play-to-earn activities with sandbox-comparable scope Are.

One of the largest NFT games available, the RobotEra universe, relies on non-fungible tokens to maintain transparency and simplify in-game asset trading. Plots of land, player avatars and robot companions are all NFTs with distinctive features.

Players can earn money in a variety of ways with this brand-new play-to-earn game, as well as a wide range of play-to-earn experiences. Gamers can stake $TARO tokens for incentives, sell advertising space, and discover content to create robot companions that can be sold on the built-in NFT marketplace.

The project’s native token $TARO is now in the early stages of its pre-sale and is steadily gaining traction in the crypto community.


Splinterlands is one of the top NFT collecting games in 2023. Players can trade their cards and other in-game items as well as engage in combat, and receive rewards thanks to Web3.0 technology.

The easiest way to describe the game is to combine the characters from World of Warcraft with the Pokémon card game. By killing monsters, players can capture a realm or complete missions. In Splinterlands, players begin the game with a certain amount of cards, and when they win rounds, they receive additional prizes.

wrapping up

If you’ve been immersed in the blockchain sphere for a while, you may already be frustrated by the perpetual crypto winter and play-to-earn projects that haven’t lived up to players’ expectations. But don’t rush to dismiss new projects coming to the market – P2E and blockchain games are only gaining traction! We will see a wave of new generation blockchain games like that prioritize user experience and long term profits over quick money.

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