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Tourism in major European capitals is recovering after the COVID-19 pandemic. This is also evident from the large number of jobs that are available again in tourism. Significantly, there has been a significant reduction in jobs in the two years following the Kovid-19 pandemic.
People are starting to travel again after the COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted. Now everyone wants to travel again and visit their favorite places. One of the favorite cities to visit is Paris, which recovered quickly in terms of tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic compared to other European cities.
In this article we will talk about Paris, London, Berlin, Rome and Madrid. In these five economies, travel and tourism contributed more than $83.5 billion in 2022 to more than $71 billion in 2021, reducing the contribution by 15% compared to 2019. The four sit between 18% and 30% lower than in 2019, showing a slightly slower recovery than in the French capital.
The tourism sector contributed $38 billion to Paris’ GDP in 2019. Yet, it is only down 6% from pre-pandemic levels to $35.7 billion in 2022. Although the sector’s contribution to London’s GDP reached $15 billion in 2022, slightly below Berlin’s recovery rate, tourism is expected to contribute $7.7 billion to the German capital’s economy in 2022, down 18% from 2019 .
The contribution of tourism to Madrid’s GDP was projected to exceed $5.5 billion in 2022, down 24% from 2019. However, Rome is showing the slowest recovery, down -30% from 2019 levels, with the sector contributing around $7 billion.
From above, it appears that passengers are largely returning to Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid and Rome. At the same time, there are chances of increase in business trips. The fact that the Chinese can now travel more freely in Europe is also a positive. It is a fact that tourists are a driving force in the economy and job creation.
In terms of tourism jobs in 5 European cities, just before the pandemic there were more than 976,000 travel and tourism jobs in the five cities.
In 2020, the number of jobs in tourism fell by 41% to more than 580,000 in five European capitals. The following year, the number of jobs increased by 13% to 654,000, and the previous year, the number of jobs increased by 23% to 807,000, down only 17% from 2019.
Paris currently has the largest travel and tourism job market of the five capitals with approximately 322,000 jobs.
But business trips also give a boost to tourism. Business trips that were halted due to the Corona virus have now resumed. Suffice it to say that business travel to Spain is projected to exceed 75% of 2019 levels by the end of 2023. The industries that saw the largest growth in business travel spending in 2022 were: finance and insurance, consulting, software and technology.

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