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Garbage and recycling pickups have been delayed or suspended in many US cities as waste crews find themselves understaffed by the coronavirus outbreak, forcing residents to deal with a growing pile of garbage that has caused storm drains and clogged drains. Obstructed footpaths have been blocked.

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Recycling has encountered collection delay In parts of the Atlanta area in recent weeks, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Thursday, after more than half In late December the city’s solid waste workers with positive COVID-19 tests or symptoms were sent home.

in Louisville, Kentucky, severe shortage waste management team temporarily suspended The collection of yard waste, heavy objects and some recyclables to prioritize particularly smelly waste, The Associated Press reported Friday.

Detroit suspended penalties for discarding garbage containers in some areas, after announcing that garbage and recycling pickup would be delayed by up to two days, ClickOnDetroit Reported 6 January.

Garbage and recycling pickup in Philadelphia has been delayed by a day or more because the city’s workforce is unavailable due to COVID-19 fluctuates On a daily basis, the department announced January 4.

In Nashville, O’Micron is combined with limited landfill space And this bankruptcy Metro area garbage contractor stop curbside recycling pickup At least until the end of January, tennessean Reported last month.

In parts of the Seattle area this week, garbage collection was halted as drivers of the garbage disposal company Republic Services stalled work In support of striking workers in San Diego, whose demands include personal protective equipment against COVID-19.


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