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A lawyer for rapper Travis Scott issued a statement Thursday attacking Houston’s police chief for “fingerpointing” and “backtracking” information surrounding last week’s Astroworld festival, where eight people were killed and hundreds more. were injured.

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Lawyer Edwin F. McPherson called on Houston Police Chief Troy Finer, who gave a press conference about the incident on Wednesday, to place the blame first on the size and age of the audience on the deadly crowd and then “responsibility to stop.” The show falls on Travis.” ABC 13. According to, a Houston-based outlet.

McPherson claimed that according to the festival’s operating plan, “only the festival director and executive producers have the authority to stop the show, none of whom are part of Travis’s crew,” and told Houston police “this But turns off the power and the sound.” festival when the performance ran 5 minutes ago in 2019. ,

On Wednesday, Finer said Scott and the production team had “the final authority” to end the show, and retracted claims made over the weekend that a security guard was pricked with a needle at an Astroworld festival.

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