Trump chief of staff Meadows complied with Justice Department subpoena: source

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Mark Meadows, the fourth and final White House chief of staff during Donald Trump’s four-year term as president, has complied with a Justice Department subpoena and recorded Jan. 6 as part of a federal investigation. has changed to. 2021, the attack on the US Capitol and attempts to reverse the 2020 presidential election, a person familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

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The records produced by Meadows are the same ones he previously provided to a House committee conducting a similar investigation, according to the person, who spoke with The Associated Press on condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing Justice Department investigation. Was.

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The summons to Meadows, which was previously reported by CNN, makes it clear that Justice Department officials are seeking information from Trump’s most senior White House advisers as they try to reverse the results of the election won by Democrat Joe Biden. Let’s check.

The department, whose work has sometimes mirrored or overlapped with the work of the committee, this month gave Trump aides a sweeping wave of grand jury subpoenas and search warrants.

Meadows has been a key figure in the House investigation, being named repeatedly in testimony by other Trump advisers, including his own top aide. He had provided thousands of text messages to the committee, including communications with Trump’s outside aides and advisers.

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In a filing in April in a federal lawsuit over his House subpoena, a lawyer for Meadows accused the committee of trying to discredit him publicly, noting that all texts provided to it were disclosed to the news media. went. At that time the committee declined to respond to the allegations.

Meadows did not provide the committee’s records, believing they were subject to claims of executive privilege and that those documents were also not presented to the Justice Department.

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