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The first ballots won’t be cast for months, but shots have already been fired in what is expected to be a widely scorched-earth war between Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) and former U.S. Sen. David Perdue, a Republican challenger. What begins as a much-anticipated gubernatorial campaign between the popular Republican governor and his Trump-backed rival, backed by former President Donald Trump.

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Perdue, who served a Senate term from 2015-2021, announced his candidacy in a video on Monday, saying that Kemp “has failed us all and can’t win in November.”

Perdue claimed that Kemp had cost him his Senate seat since the governor “cave” by not buying Trump’s outlandish and repeatedly denied claims that the Georgia election was rife with widespread fraud that favored Democrats. are in.

Perdue’s comments come a day after Kemp spokesman Cody Hall responded to reports of Perdue’s pending entry into the race. saying The former senator was only running to “pacify his own crushed ego”.

Hall further attacked Perdue for “padding its stock portfolio during a pandemic”, referencing a new York Times The report of a federal investigation into alleged insider trading did not result in charges, although Purdue was found to be the most active trader ever in the Senate.

Perdue also hit out at Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams on Monday, claiming she would “smile, lie and cheat” to become governor and radically change the state in favor of a “wake leftist.”

The GOP primary is scheduled for May 24.


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