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Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and attorney Sidney Powell, trusted aides of former President Donald Trump, tried to recruit a Defense Department official to investigate a conspiracy theory, according to a new book released Tuesday. will help reverse the election. Written by a longtime White House journalist.

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Jonathan Carl of ABC News describes Flynn and Powell in his book “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show.” access Ezra Cohen, a senior intelligence official, in the days following the election, urged the Trump administration to help stop Democrats from “stealing the election,” an unfounded conspiracy theory by Trump and his supporters.

According to the book, Flynn called Cohen while the intelligence officer was abroad in the Middle East and asked him to return to the US, “an epic showdownAccording to ABC News, the results of the election were about to come.

Cohen received another call shortly after from Powell, who told him that then-CIA director Gina Haspel, detained in Germany, was trying to destroy a computer server the lawyer claimed was evidence. who will prove the 2020 election was stolen – Powell urges Cohen to send a special operations team to the Defense Department and “get the server and” Force Haspel to Confess,” wrote Carl.

Powell claimed the server had evidence that the votes were deliberately wrongly counted to get President Joe Biden to win, Carl wrote, an unfounded theory that gaining traction QAnon in plot circles.

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