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Former President Donald Trump in an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskipp on Tuesday, after being challenged over his unreliable and baseless claims of election fraud, criticized members of his own party who dismiss the claims and the evidence for their lies. Because he acts as a political kingmaker. Supporting candidates who lie for the upcoming elections.

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In InterviewTrump continued to make false claims that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “corrupt” and said Democrats would attempt to steal the midterms of this year and 2024 unless Republicans talk about the issue.

When stressed as to why his claims of widespread election fraud were not put on hold and resulted in repeated losses in court, Trump claimed he had a bad lawyer, that the fraud claim at the time It was “too early” to do so and the rejected claims were repeated. More votes than voters.

Trump cried out to fellow Republicans who dismissed his claims, calling him “Rino,” a derogatory term for “Republicans in name only.”

He called Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell a “loser” and blamed him for not supporting his electoral claims for a majority of Senate Republicans.

Finally, Inskeep said Trump “removed” on that when he continued to push for his claim of electoral fraud before being able to ask the former president questions about the Capitol rebellion.


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