Trump lashes out at potential rival DeSantis, questioning his loyalty

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Perhaps foreshadowing a bitter Republican presidential primary battle, Donald Trump on Thursday attacked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, calling him an “average” governor whose political success is owed to Trump.

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In a statement, the former president said DeSantis came to him in 2017 “in desperate shape” and was “politically dead”. At the time, DeSantis was a US Senator. running for governor of floridaBut Republicans are trailing frontrunner Adam Putnam in the GOP primary.

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“Ron had low acceptance, bad elections and no money, but he said if I supported him, he might win. I didn’t know Adam so I said, ‘Let’s give it a shot, Ron.’ “

,“When I backed him, it felt like a nuclear weapon was gone, to use a bad word.”,

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– Donald Trump, on supporting DeSantis in 2017

“I also set his campaign, which was completely broken,” Trump said in the statement, taking credit for DeSantis’ subsequent rise in polls and eventual election victory, and falsely claiming that he “stole his election.” stopped from happening.”

“And now, Ron DeSanctimonius is playing the game!” Trump continues to use his new surname for governor. “Fake news asks him if he’s going to run when President Trump runs, and he says, ‘I’m only focused on the governor’s race, I’m not looking into the future. Well, in terms of loyalty and class, that’s not really the right answer.”

Trump and DeSantis have traded barbs before, but Trump’s latest statement could be a sign of a rivalry that is becoming more apparent. Trump threatened on Tuesday He Will Reveal Unpleasant Information About DeSantis If he ran against her.

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DeSantis won re-election Tuesday for a second term, with a decisive victory over Democrat Charlie Crist by 20 percentage points. While DeSantis has been indifferent to his 2024 presidential ambitions, many strategists believe he could be a stronger national candidate than Trump.

Several major Trump-backed candidates lost Tuesday, leading to re-accusations. On Thursday, former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said, “Trump is kind of a drag on our ticket.”

“What you saw last night was the future of the Republican Party starting to emerge – populism capable of being an alternative to Trump,” said Daniel Clifton, analyst at Strategus. live interview of a baron Wednesday.

Trump also made fun of News Corp NWS,
– especially wall street journal And this New York Post, who has criticized Trump in recent days – for being “all in” on DeSantis. Trump included Fox in that feature, but Fox — including Fox News — is actually a separate company, Fox Corp. Fox, a unit of Fox.
Although both are handled by Rupert Murdoch. (Marketwatch is also a unit of News Corp.)

Trump has teased a “big announcement” coming on November 15, when he is expected to make another presidential announcement. However, some Republicans are saying that Trump should delay his announcement until after the December 6 Georgia Senate primary, so as not to serve as a distraction.

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