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Former President Donald Trump on Sunday once again advocated for deceased Jan. 6 rioter Ashley Babbitt, recorded in a video, for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to resume investigations into her death, which would have been her 36th birthday. .

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According to News2Share reporter Ford Fischer, a video made by the former president was played at a weekend rally in Freeport, Texas, organized by Babbitt’s family and supporters, who live stream accident.

Trump offers his “unwavering support” of California-based Air Force veteran and Babbitt conspiracy theorist He was shot dead by a member of the US Capitol Police attacking Congress, praising him as a “truly incredible man”.

Without mentioning the actions that led to her death, Trump declared that “there was no reason Ashley should have lost her life that day.”

He also called on the Justice Department to reopen the investigation into Babitt’s death, a federal agency that closed in April after the officer who shot Babbitt found “insufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution”.

important quotes

“That dreadful day of January 6th, Ashley arrived at the US Capitol. She was shot and tragically killed,” Trump said. “Today would have been his birthday. Happy birthday, Ashlee. ”

main background

Babit was shot in the shoulder to climb A mob of rioters tried to enter the House of Representatives through a broken door in the speaker’s lobby. The Justice Department announced in April that it would not charge charges against the officer who fatally shot Babbitt, Lieutenant Michael Byrd, determining that the shooting was necessary “in self-defense or against members of Congress and others.” Evacuating the House Chamber in defense.” US Capitol Police similarly cleared Bird of wrongdoing after an internal investigation. The department concluded Bird “potentially protected members and staff from serious injury and potential death.” Nonetheless, Trump—along with other influential Republicans—attentioned Babitt’s death after the riots, portraying him as a martyr And murder him as part of a nefarious conspiracy.

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