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Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly implicated the US Justice Department in his failed attempt to reverse the presidential results, the Senate Judiciary Committee has found, details in a new report good Released Thursday describes how Trump “grossly abused” his power by attempting to use the Justice Department for “personal, political purposes” after the election.

important facts

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Trump has “directly and repeatedly” asked senior DOJ staffers to help reverse the election on at least nine occasions, including opening investigations, filing lawsuits, and “publicly declaring the 2020 election ‘corrupt’.” has been asked to do, which is part of the committee’s investigation into Trump’s post-election efforts.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows asked Acting U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to investigate several unfounded allegations of election fraud between December 29 and January 1, including claims already dismissed in Georgia, which The Senate committee has violated policies limiting the White House. -DOJ communication regarding “Specific Law Enforcement Matters”.

A Trump appointee in the DOJ, Jeffrey Bossert Clark, tried to pressure Rosen and another official to send letters to the states to inform them of alleged “election irregularities” and ask them to consider appointing new slates of voters. Directed to convene a special legislative session to

When Rosen refused to sign the plan, Clark threatened that Trump would replace Rosen with Clark as U.S. Attorney General unless the letters were signed, but that plan was foiled. Gone was when Rosen told Trump that he and other officials would resign if the strategy was executed.

When Rosen refused to sign the plan, Clark threatened that Trump would replace Rosen with Clark as US Attorney General unless the letters were signed, but that plan was foiled. Gone was when Rosen and other officials told Trump that he would resign if the strategy was executed.

Trump “forced the resignation” of former US Attorney Byung Jin (“BJ”) Pak in Georgia because he believed Pak was “not doing enough to address false claims of election fraud”. And went around the normal lines of succession to appoint a replacement, the report said, adding that Trump thought he would “do something” about the fraud allegations.

Trump aides including U.S. Representative Scott Perry (R-Penn.), Pennsylvania State Sen. Doug Mastriano and Trump legal adviser Cleta Mitchell—who all attended the “Stop the Steel” rally on January 6—were part of an effort to put pressure on the DOJ. And talked to the officials there about the false election fraud claims.

The Judiciary Committee said Thursday that it is waiting until the investigation is complete to make recommendations about any potential criminal referrals.

important quotes

“Today’s report shows the American people how close we have come to a constitutional crisis,” Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said in a statement. [DOJ] According to his will,” that “was not due to lack of effort.” “Donald Trump would have broken the Constitution to stay in power.”

chief critic

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee Issued Their Own report good on Thursday disputed the findings of the Democratic-led committee, which claims “the facts differ sharply from the narrative that Democrats attempted to build.” The Republican wrote, “Currently available documentary evidence and witness testimony shows that during President Trump’s interactions with DOJ officials relating to election matters, he did not abuse his constitutional authority with respect to his conduct toward the DOJ, The Republicans wrote, Trump’s claim expressed concern only with “making sure” that the DOJ was doing its job of thoroughly investigating the election fraud allegations.

what to see

The report recommends that Congress and the Justice Department take steps to strengthen their policies so that similar attempts to politicize the department do not occur in the future. It also recommends that the DC Bar should “examine” Clark’s law license, which follows a separate morality complaint filed at the bar by lawyers against the ex-DOJ official, who alleged that Clarke violated professional rules of conduct with his attempt to reverse the election results. The Senate committee’s investigation is still ongoing and the committee said they are still seeking additional witness testimony and Trump White House records.

main background

Trump’s entire presidency has been criticized by the Justice Department for how the president politicizes it for his personal gain, and it was investigated by former US Attorney General William Barr when he issued a directive just after the election, in which Officials were allowed to investigate election fraud ahead of the results. were certified. (Barr later said there was no evidence of widespread electoral fraud before he stepped down and was replaced by Rosen in December 2020) Trump’s pressure on the DOJ was part of a broader failed strategy to reverse campaign election results , which included attempts such as a failed legal campaign, direct pressure on state officials, and Vice President Mike Pence trying not to certify election results after they were approved by Congress. None were successful, but the committee noted the president’s efforts to allegedly “incite” the violent attack on the US Capitol building on January 6 “created the disruptive ecosystem needed for Trump”.

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