Try this to replace cable for $25 a month

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Depending on who you ask, the average cable TV plan costs anywhere from $83 to $217 per month.

So even in the cheap case, a new DIY package of streaming services like the ones highlighted by Consumer Reports can shave more than two-thirds off your bill.

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Yes, many streaming businesses already offer package deals intended to replace cable, but they can cost $65 or more per month. But “we managed to assemble a decent TV plan on an ultra-tight budget of only $25 per month,” says CR.

The plan on which CR landed included:

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This combination provides sports, news, popular movies, new and classic series, children’s favorites, live events, as well as programming from cable standards:

ABC A&E AMC BET Bravo Big Ten Network CBS Comedy Central E ESPN Fox Fox Sports FX MTV NBC NFL Network Nickelodeon Oxygen Paramount PBS Smithsonian Channel Syfy USA Network

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Consumer Reports acknowledges that this combination won’t work for everyone, but it covers a lot of bases for the money.

You can always supplement your viewing with “17 Streaming Services That Are Totally Free”.

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