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Twitter on Monday dismissed billionaire Elon Musk’s claim that a severance payment to whistleblower and former executive Peter Zatko violated the terms of his deal to acquire the social media platform, in a filing that showed the company’s Comes just one day before shareholders are set to vote. $44 billion buyout deal from the world’s richest man.

Key Facts

In a letter sent to Musk’s lawyers, lawyers representing Twitter said the company “has not violated any of its representations or obligations,” according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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The letter said Musk’s attempt to terminate the deal is “invalid” and said all of its terms would be met Tuesday after Twitter shareholders voted to approve the merger.

However, the letter made no mention of Zatko or his $7.75 million severance pay, which Musk claimed was in violation of the deal.

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main background

On Friday, Musk’s lawyers sent a letter to Twitter seeking an end to the planned $44 billion deal – his third attempt to do so. In the letter, Musk’s team alleges that the $7.75 million severance agreement with his former Twitter executive, which was signed in June, was done without Musk being informed or without his consent. The billionaire alleged that it was a violation of his planned purchase of the social media company. Zatko, who served as Twitter’s former head of security, has accused the company of deliberately misleading its users, investors and regulators about its security problems and the prevalence of bot accounts on the platform. His whistleblower complaint against the company has been filed with the Department of Justice, the SEC and the FTC. On August 29 – when Zatko went public with his allegation – Musk’s team sent out another termination notice accusing Twitter of ignoring concerns raised by its former security chief. That termination notice also accused Twitter of violating a 2011 consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission—where the company agreed to enhance user privacy and security. The notice argued that if Zatco’s allegations are true, there would be “material, if non-existent, consequences” for the company’s business.

what to see

On Tuesday, Zatko is set to face a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he will be asked to elaborate on his allegations against the social media giant. Several US lawmakers have raised concerns about Twitter’s handling of user data and a possible violation of its 2011 FTC consent decree. Jatco’s complaints have prompted data protection authorities in Europe to investigate any possible breaches of the EU’s stringent data protection and privacy laws.

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