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President Joe Biden Accepted A major disaster declaration for Colorado on Saturday in response to the devastating Marshall fire that ravaged Boulder County, destroyed hundreds of homes and left two people dead. Including 91 year old grandmother, missing – was initially said by the authorities that everyone was responsible.

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Boulder County officials said Saturday that two people in the fire could not be traced. a day later Sheriff Joe Pele said it was a “miracle” that no one was dead or missing.

A spokesman for the Boulder Office of Emergency Management said they had not already “sufficiently informed” the sheriff, calling it an “unfortunate error”.

While he did not name the two missing people, local average Identified the City of Superior as 91-year-old Nadine Turnbull, and reported that her family had already begun the grieving process.

Biden’s move opens up a FEMA fund for temporary housing and recovery programs for those affected in Boulder County.

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