U.K. Companies Are Ripe For Takeover–Here’s 10 On My List

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By now we’ve all heard of FOMO, “fear of missing out.” Well, I’m going to invent a new one: FOBTE, which is short for “fear of being too early.”

I guess I don’t have enough FOBTE because oftentimes I see perfectly clear and it takes a second or two or a decade to actually process what I can see. In equity this problem is not that bad but still a thing.

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Let me list some outstanding ones:

Platinum and other platinum group metals: They just don’t make much of it and it’s going to go into all the technical stuff that gets in the way.

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AI: It will boil the ocean because AI is electricity and with AI the winner takes it and all the energy with it.

UK Acquisition: UK companies are as cheap as chips, you can easily pay them with your earnings.

When you’re in a situation where the outcome is obvious but stubbornly refuses to go your way, you’re left with two options. Stick with it, be prepared to walk the streets with a sandwich board stating your plain truth, or leave it and go where the market is starting to agree with you.

The mentality of the East is the world in which the gold worms live. Once gold will go to the moon, once the conspiracy to put it down fails. The world going back to the gold standard, etc. It’s worthy of a sandwich board and I’m getting gold because after Putin falls, Russia will stop dumping gold and go up. However, gold is never going to be remonetized, it is a very volatile and scarce commodity.

The other mindset is to give up on that idea and take a look if it starts working as you expect. This is where I keep the Platinum. It has to happen, it has to happen… but sadly it doesn’t, so I’m going to leave that “dead ass” for now.

Oh sea is boiling? No one is going to care, because the people in power are going to lust after it, so while you may be banned from using plastic straws or out in the winter heat and your plastic, paper and metal Our overlords will be boiling oceans fighting for supremacy, burning gigawatts through Tensor GPU silicon on a scale that would make bitcoin miners like tree huggers. As it is hardware and software folks and you might be braving Nvidia (NVDA) and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) right now. I’ll let the Nasdaq correction get past before I wander into the area of ​​technology that is highly valuable to me.

UK Acquisition. Yes, please. It’s about to start any minute. You name it, it will be under the microscope for a takeover. None is too big. BP, BT, MNG, VOD, GSK; It’s all up for grabs. The market is racing and the upcoming wave of acquisitions will be helping.

Britain is on the upswing in financial services, mired in red tape, laziness and inefficiency. Had to be the silver of the family.

Build your list and stake it. Nothing will be sacred.

Here are 10 of my favorites (disclosure: I own them all):

  • Aviva
  • babcock
  • BT
  • Person
  • GSK
  • ITV
  • M&G
  • miti
  • Petrofak

We are now in a post-Covid world where M&A has to take off and as you may recall, the UK no longer buys overseas companies, so it’s all going to be one-way traffic.

That’s how I’m on the bus for that trip and once the US secondary bank crisis is over, it looks like the trip will begin.

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