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The United States saw 2,404 flight Cancelled On Saturday, a new peak this holiday season is still rising as inclement weather conditions and staff shortages due to the Omicron version of the coronavirus have left thousands stranded on New Year’s Day.

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According to flight-tracker FlightAware, cancellations jumped by about 800 flights over the previous day, passing the previous 2021 holiday high of 1,625 on New Year’s Eve.

Southwest canceled 13% of its flights on Saturday—a high among US airlines of 471-and surpassed only China Eastern for the most worldwide.

JetBlue delayed 167 flights, 16% of its total fleet for New Year’s Day.

Chicago has been hit hardest with two of its airports, Midway International and O’Hare International, recording more than 1,000 cancellations combined as a winter storm. Warning Remains in effect in Midwest—Midway cancels 58% of its flights on New Year’s Day.

On Friday, the Federal Aviation Administration reported Businesshala It expects flight delays throughout the weekend due to staff shortage related to COVID-19.

In a press release on Thursday, delta Airlines have forecast 200-300 daily cancellations for the weekend, due to inclement weather as well as the Omicron version of the coronavirus (the airline has canceled 122 flights on Friday and 185 on Saturday so far).

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