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The US surpassed 400 million coronavirus vaccinations on Friday after a nearly year-long mass vaccination campaign, the largest in the country’s history – and although more than 65% of Americans have received at least one dose, Some states still haven’t vaccinated close to half. their population.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 187 million people, or 56% of all Americans, were fully vaccinated as of Friday, and 216.6 million, or 65% of the population, had received at least one dose.

People over the age of 65, who are more likely to experience coronavirus complications, are the most vaccinated age group, with about 84% of those who have completed the coronavirus vaccine series, compared to 68% of adults overall and 66 % of people are over this age. 12.

The Northeast is the country’s most vaccinated region, led by Vermont, with 70% of residents fully vaccinated, followed by Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine with 69% each.

The state with the fewest vaccinations is West Virginia, where only 41% of people are fully vaccinated, followed by Idaho, Wyoming and Alabama with only a percentage point or two.

The growing number of vaccine mandates in businesses and at the state and federal levels have significantly increased vaccination rates where they are enacted.

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So far, more than 7 million people have received a booster shot, according to the CDC, which is currently only recommended by the agency for seniors, people with compromised health, and workers in high-risk settings. The World Health Organization has called for a moratorium on boosters until next year, citing inequality in international vaccine distribution.

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The number of doses administered peaked in April, when vaccine eligibility was expanded to include the majority of adults. More recently, vaccine dose administration intensified again in late September after new outbreaks and deaths were reported in states with lower vaccination rates driven by the more infectious Delta variant. The new broader coronavirus mandate was announced by President Joe Biden last month, which includes a provision requiring all businesses employing 100 or more workers to mandate vaccinations or implement a weekly testing policy. On Wednesday, Los Angeles became the latest city to announce that residents will be required to show proof of vaccination to eat indoors in restaurants, bars, gyms and other indoor venues, after New York and Honolulu. Both cities reported an increase in vaccination rates after the requirement was announced.

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