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US intelligence officials believe Russia is laying the groundwork for a massive military offensive in Ukraine in early 2022, involving 175,000 soldiers.

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The United States believes Russia’s plans for the offensive could include about 175,000 personnel as well as armor and artillery, an administration official confirmed. Businesshala (the news was first reported by Washington Post on Friday).

The official said that nearly half the number of troops are already stationed near the Ukraine-Russia border after a buildup in recent weeks. cause something Ukrainian official Warning of a Russian invasion of the former Soviet republic could be imminent.

According to the administration official (Businesshala), as part of its preparations, Russia appears to be assembling a large reserve corps. informed of Last month when Russia was calling for a massive number of reservists).

Earlier Friday, CNN told Russia has deployed enough medical units, fuel and other supplies to Ukraine to sustain frontline forces for a week or more.

Businesshala has reached out to the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC for comment.

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