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Pentagon press secretary John Kirby claims the US claims it has information that Russia prepared operatives to carry out a “false-flag operation” under the false pretext of invasion in eastern Ukraine Is. said Friday, that came just hours after several Ukrainian government websites were hit by “massive cyberattacks” and a week after failed diplomatic talks between Moscow and NATO.

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A US official said Moscow is preparing “options to make an excuse for an attack” by launching “sabotage activities and information operations”, accusing Ukraine of “preparing for an imminent attack” against Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. happened, an American official news shops Friday.

Kirby referred to Russia’s 2014 strategy to annex Crimea, saying Moscow’s attempt to make excuses for aggression was similar to a strategy used in the past.

The operatives sent to eastern Ukraine are “trained in urban warfare and in using explosives to carry out acts of sabotage against Russia’s own proxy-forces,” according to a statement shared with shops from an American official.

The official said the military offensive of Moscow “could start between mid-January and mid-February.”

Kirby said Russian influence actors have already started spreading false information about Ukrainian provocations in the state and on social media.


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