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The US military confirmed that a 2019 airstrike in Syria killed dozens of civilians, mainly women and children, but claimed the airstrikes were necessary to defeat armed Islamic State fighters a day later. new York Times Investigation There are allegations that the Defense Department tried to cover up the attack and that some within it believed it may have been a war crime.

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On March 18, 2019, Special Operations Unit Task Force 9 dropped several massive bombs on Baghouz, Syria, a community largely controlled by Islamic State and that included “thousands” of members and their families, Captain Bill Urban, a Spokesman. Central command told Businesshala,

In a statement, Urban said Islamic State troops had killed 30 Syrian defense fighters in the days before the airstrike, the SDF was “at risk of being overrun,” and that several groups on the ground determined that any was not a citizen. In area.

the new York Times It was reported on Saturday that Joint Air Operations Center workers who were watching the strike from drone footage believed the bombs were dropped on a crowd of women and children, and Urban said the team had been sent to a nearby area. Didn’t know about aircraft that could provide better, higher. Definition footage of the target area and the citizens present therein.

NS new York Times Alleging that some military personnel leading the air campaign against Islamic State believed that Task Force 9 generally made false claims of justification for ordering an airstrike, it was time to consider possible civilian deaths. Gave.

The attack killed 80 people, 16 of whom were Islamic State fighters and 4 of whom were civilians – the identities of the other 60 are still unknown after investigation as some women and at least one child were armed, and “the exact number of armed The mix “and that of unarmed personnel cannot be determined conclusively,” Urban said in a statement. Businesshala,

Still, “it is also highly likely that additional civilians were killed,” he said.

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