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After the Justice Department brought unresolved indictments against hackers responsible for using ransomware to target a US business for a ransom of $70 million, US officials seized more than $6 million in related payments.

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Ukrainian citizens Yaroslav Wasinsky Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Monday that a Florida-based software company that affected 200 US businesses and hundreds of others in July was charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering in August after launching a cyberattack. Was.

Garland said the DOJ is recovered $6.1 million Among other ransomware payments received by Wasinsky’s affiliates, Yevgeny Polyanin, a Russian national who is believed to have extorted more than $13 million from victims and was also charged in August.

Wasinski, 22, was arrested in Poland last month and is still in custody while US prosecutors try to extradite him, while Pauline, 28, is absconding and is being held in custody. FBI most wanted list.

The duo demanded $70 million in bitcoin during the Kassia hack, but the company said it was able to gain control of the customer’s files. without paying ransom.

The FBI said Monday that it was able to track down Wasinski thanks to the cooperation of Kasia, who immediately contacted the agency when his software was hacked in July.

CNN previously reported charges and a ransom seizure of $6 million.

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