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New intelligence from US officials suggests Ukraine approved a car bombing inside Russia that killed Daria Dugina, the daughter of an aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin. new York Times informed of Wednesday, weeks after Russia accused Ukraine’s security services of carrying out the August attack – a charge Ukraine has denied.

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US officials played no role in the attack and criticized Ukrainian officials for authorizing it Timeswho reported that intelligence on the attack was distributed within the US government last week, citing unnamed officials.

It is unclear what parts of the Ukrainian government were involved, or whether Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was aware of the attack. US officials are concerned the killing – which Ukraine denies having organized – and further political killings do not help the country’s efforts to deter Russian military and could fuel Russian attacks on Ukrainian officials. The Times reported.

Senior Ukrainian officials continue to deny involvement in the attack times, Although an unnamed senior military official told the outlet that the country has launched attacks on Russian officials in the occupied Ukrainian territories, Including Volodymyr Saldo, the Russian-backed leader in the Kherson region, who was hospitalized in August after being poisoned.

The US National Security Council and Department of Defense did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Forbes,

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several guessed The car bombing that killed Dugin was actually meant to target her father, the far-right philosopher Alexander Dugin. Dugina was driving her father's car home from a festival they had attended together when the explosion occurred. The two had to be left in the same car before Alexander Dugin decided to leave alone. BBC informed at that time. Times The report leads some US officials to think the elder Dugin was the initial target.

main background

Daria Dugina was a Russian TV pundit and editor of United World International and was sanctioned by both the US and UK for using the website to spread propaganda and pro-Kremlin attitudes. His father, a far-right supporter of Russian imperialism and long time supporter war with ukraine, has been called "Putin's Mind," has been more Approved By the US for their participation in helping to formulate policies that threaten Ukraine's sovereignty and security. According to Russian officials, Dugina died in a Moscow suburb in August when a car she was driving exploded on the highway and burst into flames. Days after the attack, Russia's Federal Security Service, the FSB, accused Ukrainian activists of hiring a Ukrainian woman to carry out the attack before fleeing to Estonia. The car bombing represents one of the most high-profile attacks on a Russian man since Putin's invasion of Ukraine began in February.

US believes Ukraine was behind an assassination in Russia (new York Times)

Russia accuses Ukrainian special services of killing the daughter of Putin ally Alexander Dugin (Forbes)